Major Project – Initial Ideas

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Below are a few of my initial ideas for my Major Project. These are by no means what I will end up working on as I’m not entirely happy with any them and there is no way I will be spending the time working on something I don’t enjoy, the quality of the project would definitely suffer. I will blog about my other ideas in the coming weeks.

IMD Student Placement Directory

Finding the time to apply for placement while keeping ahead of Assignments can be overwhelming task. For me it meant that I was applying for my placement a little late, ideally I should have made the time to do so a month before, oh the wonders of hindsight. It worked out well for me but I could have made my life a little less stressful by being more pro active.

The most frustrating thing about the whole process was sending a lot of emails and waiting patiently for a response, which often I did not get. I would guess that about ten percent of companies were kind enough to reply and of that only a handful offering me placement. I did appreciate the response of those companies who did get back to me and explain that they weren’t taking placement students, but pointed me towards some studios that were. At least they could spare five minutes to draft up an email which helped me out.

This whole process got me thinking. What if it was the other way around, how would the company feel if no students got back to them about a placement position they were advertising. This then led on to the idea that a system where companies could look for students could be a very useful tool. Students wouldn’t have to worry as much about Placement, as companies would be doing the searching and contacting, although students could still use their own iniative and apply for placements if they wish.

The service would allow students to sign up and create a profile, including samples of their work and have the ability to tag their account with their skills or areas of interest, for example UI design, Illustration, Web development, PHP, Ruby on Rails, etc. Companies could then browse through this directory of students and be able to quickly find a student that meets their criteria by searching the tags. They would have the option to contact the student, or hire them.


  • Students could create a profile and concentrate on doing Assignments.
  • Companies would have a single point of access to quickly find and contact students who meet their criteria.
  • Idea could be adapted for Graduates instead.


  • Students may have already started applying and received placements before I would launch the service (thanks David!).
  • The project may end up a lot bigger than anticipated and be impossible to launch within the timeframe.

Responsive Web Design Gallery

Reponsive web design is still very much in it’s infancy with only a small percentage of the web community actively using the techniques for production websites. I would like to showcase how beneficial responsive design is by showing off great example sites which use responsive design to maximise the usability of their websites.


  • There are few Responsive only design galleries out there.
  • I would be forced into using media queries for the site (it would be wrong not to). A great opportunity to learn.


  • Some CSS gallery websites already have responsive sections.
  • Not a very original idea, but then what is these days.

HTML5 Game

This is something I thought about when deciding to choose the Advanced Interactive Programming instead the Games development module. I didn’t want put the time and effort into learning Actionscript, which I know I will never use again outside of the module, whereas Jvascript would be very useful.

I then wondered how long it would be before the games module would take advantage of newer technologies like Canvas or SVG. I had a look into this and came accross an HTML5 game engine called MelonJS which looked very polished considering it’s beta status. I would concentrate on making a 2D platform game as I believe the overall level of polish would be much better.


  • Pre-existing game engines like MelonJS would cut down a lot of development work.
  • Creating game characters and environments would be a completely new experience.


  • No experience with game design.
  • May not be as easy to achieve the same level of polish as a flash game.
  • Game engine is still in beta, could be very buggy.
  • May be hard to come up with a solid plot for the game.
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