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No, this isn’t another post about a framework, it’s about an online tool for web designers and developers, one that I’m going to create. is the name for my Major Project. In this post I’ll take a look at some of the other names I came up with and the key ingredients which go into making a great name.

The list of names

  • Fluidify
  • Responsiv
  • Scalable Grid
  • Responsiv Generator
  • TweakCSS
  • Respond Framework
  • Responsiflex
  • Gridify
  • Make it Fluid

As you can see from the list above most of the names revolve around or take part of their name from keywords relating to responsive design, grids or frameworks, since these describe the offering of my Major Project in some way. I read a great article by Marketing MO in which they make the point, that in order to be sure you have picked a solid name you should test it so that:

  • It sounds good when spoken
  • It is easy to pronounce and spell
  • It’s not confusing
  • It conveys what you need
  • It will work well as a URL

I believe meets all of these criteria. It’s not difficult to say, it has a very nice ring to it and most importantly it sums up what my Major project does, there is so much get right with a name. Being able to create a nice URL was an added bonus, I just hope the .it Trustee Service don’t give me any hassle since it’s an Italian domain suffix I want to use. I wonder if a temporary name change to Stuart Alfredo Batista Kennedy would help the cause?

Joking aside, I am very pleased with the name I have chosen and I hope that in the near future, it will be appearing on blog posts and in tweets.


Here are a couple of wireframes I created, to get a better understanding in my head of the control flow for generating a template.

Wireframes for

Initial Mockup

This is an initial mockup from the first wireframe, at this stage I haven’t finalised any of the customisation options. I’ve since changed my mind on my initial design choices and have decided to go with a cleaner, sharper design, but included the mockup as a record of my progress.


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