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Forrst Homepage


I was torn between Forrst and Dribbble, but chose Forrst because it does alienate Developers. It is great to be able to look at what other designers and developers are creating and sharing and to see how they tackle certain problems or work to certain design constraints. I love how the users of the site are genuinely interested in helping others, through design critique or fixing a snippet of code someone has been struggling with, it helps create a good impression of the industry.

6Wunderkinder Blog

6Wunderkinder Blog

I’d love to thank these guys in person for making Wunderlist, an awesome task management app, however I’m not going to take a flight out to Berlin just to do so! The reason I find the Wunderlist blog inspiring is that the blog posts they create are of very high quality, including custom images and solid content. They post frequently about their company but do not sacrifice quality over quantity. They have also styled the posts to mimic reading a book which is awesome and was achieved so simply. It has inspired me to post quality content on my blog, not just putting content out there for the sake of it.

Forefathers Group Homepage

Forefathers Group

I love the design of this site, especially what they have achieved with the responsive layout. I love all of the subtle details on the site especially the textures. I could spend all day looking at illustrations and the examples on this site are no exception, they are quirky and very entertaining. Overall the site has a really good feel, combining amusing illustrations and ornate design into a great package.

Kickstarter Homepage


I soon realised the power that this platform has to bring new ideas to life. I’m sure it will be used to fund many web projects in the future and probably has been already. When I am lacking inspiration I fire up this site and just browse through the projects, looking at what has been successful and trying to figure out why.

Eighthourday Blog

Eighthourday Blog

This is a blog that I have come accross recently and rather by accident. I was getting my usual design fix, browsing through some CSS gallery websites and came accross this blog. It covers many areas of design from print to product design. This range of different influences is something I feel is vital to grow as a designer and this is a great resource for me to do so.

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