The Fluid Web

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This week the Standardistas were speaking at the Frontend Conference in Oslo. We were lucky enough to be given a preview of their talk ‘Designing the Fluid Web’ in the previous lecture, which was awesome! Basically it covered how flexible and fluid content is and how as designers we have tried to constrain the content by imposing our own restrictions such as fixed width designs.

One point they made really stuck with me, the fact that many people consume the same content on different devices. So they could be browsing your site on a laptop before they head out to work, then browse this same content on their mobile phone during their journey, so we should be providing a seamless experience on all platforms.

They also made the connection between the differences in how the content is consumed on these devices. Phone users tend to graze content, whereas Desktop users spend longer looking for and consuming content. This could be for a number of reasons; when you’re out and about you don’t want to be reading vast amounts of information, chances are you want to find something quickly, whereas when you are at home you have more time to spend searching for what you want. The other reason could be, that there is a limit to how much content people want to view on a tiny phone screen, preferring clear, concise bite size pieces of information.

In my next blog post I will take a look at Responsive Design and how it can be achieved.

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